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Tips for Successful B2B Digital Marketing in Japan

Last updated: February, 2024


  1. 1.Internet Advertising Usage by B2B Companies in Japan (IT Industry)
  2. 2.Key Points for Successful B2B Digital Marketing in Japan
  3. 3.ITmedia's Introduction

 ITmedia is one of the largest dedicated Internet media companies in Japan.
In the B2B sector, we operate several specialized media outlets for the IT and manufacturing industries. Due to our relationships with these industries, we often receive inquiries about conducting B2B marketing and promoting products and services in Japan.

Every year, ITmedia conducts a survey of B2B companies in the IT industry, asking them about their use of internet advertising and their intentions for future use. Here are some tips for B2B Digital Marketing success in Japan.

According to the survey, the most popular types of advertising are "events/seminars" and "events/seminars hosted by other companies," followed by "lead generation" and "advertorial articles" among Japanese B2B IT companies. Of these, "advertorial articles" have increased by 8.6 percentage points from the previous year, indicating that they are being actively utilized by B2B businesses in Japan.

  About ITmedia | ITmedia Inc. ITmedia Inc. offer a wide range of services to help you solve various problems for your B2B digital marketing in Japan. ITmedia Inc. Inc. ITmedia Inc.

Internet Advertising Usage by B2B Companies in Japan (IT Industry)

Q: Please select any number of interactive advertising methods you are currently using.



Dec. 2022


Change from prev. (%)

Dec. 2021





Events/Seminars hosted by other companies


Lead Generation


Advertorial Articles



Banner Ad





Mail Advertisement





Listing Ads/Search-linked Ads



Owned Media Marketing (strategic use of company website)



Use of MA tools




"Market Environment Hearing Report on Internet Advertising 2022” surveyed by ITmedia.

So, what kind of marketing measures can actually be taken to succeed in B2B business in Japan?  We would like to focus on a few key points.

Key Points for Successful B2B Digital Marketing in Japan

Point1: Events/Seminars

Trade shows and seminars are widely used in Japan as they are an effective way to generate leads and build relationships with Japanese potential customers. In addition to traditional trade shows and seminars, online exhibitions and sponsored webinars have become increasingly popular due to the pandemic in Japan. Participating in these events can help to increase brand awareness and generate new leads in Japanese B2B businesses.

More than 50 online (digital) events are hosted by ITmedia's specialized B2B media in a year. Sponsors can set up booths, give lectures, post videos and materials, obtain lead (visitor) information, and use participant behavior data (content varies depending on the event and sponsored plans).
For reference, here are the themes of joint online exhibitions that ITmedia has held in the past.
ITmedia Virtual EXPO

Duration: 1 month
Number of pre-registrants: 10,000

<For the manufacturing industry>
Smart Factory, Embedded Development, Electronics, AI, Retail & Logistics Supply Chain, Mechanical Design, Monozukuri x Startup
<For the construction (building and civil engineering) industry>
Smart City, Building x IT
ITmedia SaaS EXPO

Duration: 1.5 month
Number of pre-registrants: 2,800
Corporate Planning
Finance and Accounting
General Affairs
Sales and Marketing
Human Resources
ITmedia Security Week

Duration: 3 weeks
Number of pre-registrants:1,500
Cybersecurity Risk and Management
Telework Security
Cloud & Network Security
Endpoint Protection & Data Protection
ITmedia DX Summit

Duration: 1 month
Number of pre-registrants:950
IT Infrastructure Renewal
Data Infrastructure Development and Data Utilization
Business Automation
Low-code development

  [Hosted by ITmedia] Online Exhibits/Sponsored Webinars Information on recruiting exhibitors for online exhibition / sponsored webinars by ITmedia Inc. , which operates one of the largest BtoB specialized media in Japan. You can freely download the proposal. ITmedia Inc. Inc. ITmedia Inc.

Point2: Lead Generation

The key to acquiring B2B leads depends on the ability to acquire leads that match the target audience. There are various methods, such as listing ads, SNS ads, and on-demand media, but the most effective method in Japanese B2B businesses is services that allow you to acquire leads by attribute. This method involves acquiring leads by posting information about the company's products and services, white papers, etc., and asking readers to enter their information in exchange for downloading them.

B2B buyers in Japan are more likely to make a purchase if they believe that the product or service is of high quality. Therefore, creating informative and engaging content such as blog posts, whitepapers, case studies, and videos can help to build trust with potential customers

ITmedia provides total support from content creation to lead acquisition and utilization. We offer leads from our 1.17 million reader members who are interested in your products and services.

  Effective Lead Generation Strategies summarizes specific measures for lead generation and their precautions. アイティメディア株式会社 ITmedia Inc.

Point3: Advertorial Article

Advertorial articles are advertisements that are posted in the same style as regular articles. Since these ads contain elements of an "article," they are less likely to be skipped over by readers who are interested in media content, allowing you to reach potential customers who may be difficult to approach. In addition, since they naturally contain more information than typical advertisements, they can increase awareness of issues and improve recognition and understanding of products.

ITmedia publishes articles in specialized media such as Tech, SaaS, and Manufacturing in Japan. Our professional editorial staff can create editorial articles featuring your company's products and services. You can also use reader behavior data to efficiently direct readers to your article.

<Image of the advertorial article>

Advertorial Article Image

Reference Article
  advertorial article | ITmedia Inc. ITmedia Inc., which operates one of the largest Internet-only media in Japan. Promotion is possible to specialized media in the IT, business, and industrial fields with more than 1 million members. It is recommended for solving various marketing issues such as increasing awareness and acquiring customers. ITmedia Inc.

Point4: Banner Ads

To target potential customers effectively, richer ad formats that include images and videos can be used in addition to text. Apart from the Google Display Network, Yahoo Japan's display advertising is also widely utilized in Japan.

Moreover, as a B2B-specific marketing technique, advertising in specialized media can be highly effective. By tailoring awareness campaigns to readers of specialized media, it's possible to generate interest, comparative studies, and prompt action. ITmedia can leverage the browsing history of specialized media readers such as Tech, SaaS, and Manufacturing to deliver ads to "interested" individuals with a guaranteed click-through rate.

  display advertisement | ITmedia Inc. ITmedia Inc., which operates one of the largest Internet-only media in Japan. Promotion is possible to specialized media in the IT, business, and industrial fields with more than 1 million members. You can place display advertisement to 20 major media. ITmedia Inc.

Point5: Webcast

Webinars have become one of the most important marketing tools for companies in Japan, especially since the Covid-19 pandemic. While they are conducted more frequently due to geographical factors and time constraints, it has become more challenging to attract audiences in Japan.
However, ITmedia's specialized B2B editorial department can plan, announce, and attract visitors mainly from its readership base.  We will make your delivery a success!

Reference Article
  Webcast | ITmedia Inc. ITmedia, which has a track record of more than 1,500 projects not only for distribution, but also for planning, attracting customers, and even complex promotion with the ITmedia Inc., supports your company's web cast promotion. Based on our abundant achievements, we will contribute to the success of the seminar and your company's performance. ITmedia Inc.

ITmedia's Introduction

By implementing these measures, you can increase your visibility and attract potential customers in the Japanese B2B market. ITmedia offers a wide range of services for your B2B marketing and promotion in Japan. We can also arrange web meetings in English with your staff located outside of Japan.

Reference Article
  About ITmedia | ITmedia Inc. ITmedia Inc. offer a wide range of services to help you solve various problems for your B2B digital marketing in Japan. ITmedia Inc.


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