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Media Introduction

●IT Industry

TechTarget Japan is the medium to bridge strong relations between members and IT venders
For Readers: TechTarget Japan provides information to help you select and deploy IT products / services
For IT venders: TechTarget Japan provides lead profile information that can be a potential customer.
Keyman's Net
Support the introduction of IT products for corporations
“Keyman’s Net” is comprehensive information site for corporate IT products supports enterprise IT product selection with feature articles that explain how to select products in an easy-to-understand manner.
Hacchu Navi
Supports business expansion of system developers
Hacchunabi is a business matching service specialized in system developments. We connect companies that want to obtain orders and the companies that want to start system development projects that can not be handled by their own due to lack of development resources etc.
One of the largest industrial media obtaining trusts and the stronger ties with IT experts
Providing a variety of technical information, tips, News, Q&As, industrial events calendar,
@IT is acquiring a great trust from IT community and IT experts.
ITmedia Enterprise
Digital Transformation Support Medium for everyone involved in IT
Providing the latest information to realize "the workload of the age of digital transformation," including the establishment of corporate IT infrastructure required for business transformation, the latest technology trends, and examples of technology-driven companies.
ITmedia Executive
Community for the Executives and CIOs trying to change the future of the corporations.
Focus Themes : Digitization of business, Globalization, Real-time management, Human resource development,
Security, Work style innovations.
ITmedia Business Online
Business medium driving business growth and work style reform
Providing information and problem solutions for “sales grows” and “workstyle innovation” that all business people must catch up with, and news about industry and corporate trends.
First and Must medium to Innovators who are always looking for new technology, and delivers a lot of useful information on technology.
Focus Themes : AI/Robot, IoT Security, Cloud Service
ITmedia Marketing
Technology evolves marketing
Covering information on marketing in the digital age from strategy planning to implementation, ITmedia Marketing is a membership-based (free registration) specialized medium that provides the latest information on technology-based marketing based on the concept.
Provide useful reviews for Japanese companies to select and implement IT products and services
ITreview has more than 10,000 reviews on about 300 IT products and services, including information sharing, sales, marketing, ERP (accounting and finance, human resource development, labor management), AI (artificial intelligence), data analytics, IT infrastructure, data protection, system operations, security, and development.

●Electronics, Mechanics and Manufacturing Industries

Information Portal for Engineering / Manufacturing
“MONOist” helps engineers to solve problems in the daily design and development work. It publishes in-depth technical reports covering basics and applications, with visual charts, on the hottest topics.
The audiences can get the latest and technically-analyzed content including product news and design guides.
Technology medium focused on worldwide electronics industry trend
EE Times Japan” supports engineers and managers in charge of design projects of electronic products.
It reports the latest trends around the world on semiconductor, electronic component, display, networking, software, design/test. The content includes product tear-down, top interviews and global news.
Technology medium to learn basics and to apply electronics designs
Technology medium for electronics engineers to help their development and design of electronics
equipment. Many reliable electronics design ideas, how to articles, and latest product news are provided.
Specialized Medium on Electric Power and Energy
Focusing on power savings, electricity storage, power generation and technologies/products that underlie Smart Society. Business operators who adopt energy saving systems/products, solution providers who combine
hardware/software/network for energy saving, and engineers who design energy saving systems/products.
BUILT メディアガイド
Bringing innovation to the building/construction industry with IT and IoT
We are covering the building/construction industry with IT/IoT focusing on design of buildings and the management of various facilities. Major articles are about product trends, industry trends, and case studies of individual companies.
Offering a variety of useful information for engineers who consider selecting products or services
The information is exclusively provided to only members who registered detailed personal profiles.
With more than existing 600 contents and additional contents for members only,
TechFactory launched in April 2016.

●Consumer Market

Smart use of mobile devices
ITmedia Mobile is a mobile comprehensive information media focused on smartphones. Through the reviews of various services and applications available on smartphones, industry trends and technology commentary, key man interviews, etc., we will provide useful information for selecting handsets and services and the trends in the industry.
PC, 2in1, and to the era of IoT computing
ITmedia PC USER launched in 1994 as a paper magazine. It is PC and new device general information media which covers from PC, 2in1, Tablets, Peripherals, Software, Office IT equipment, and Services for business.
Site for discovering your "favorites" to make shopping fun.
Fav-Log started out with digital home appliances and gadgets such as computers, tablets, smartphones, smart speakers, and digital cameras, and plans to expand into a wide range of product genres beyond IT to meet the interests of consumers.
SNS web source is from the “Netolabo”
Introducing a wide range of newsy information for web influencers. Netolabo picks up topics, events, new products/services which are going viral on the internet. Also, Netolabo delivers a variety of topics/trends that people may likely to share to the others in the next few days.

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